Twin rhyme

A rhyme style is referred to as twins. In the twins’ rhyme, word sequences are rhymed with each other, which have exactly the same character material, which is also arranged identically. However, the letters in the rhyme are not separated at identical places, thus creating other words. If, for example, the word sequence Alter Buimer is separated differently, it becomes Old Reimer. These two word sequences would rhyme with one another and, as they use the same type of material in an identical sequence, would be a twins’ rhyme.

Such twin rhymes are often found in humorous rhymes, but they are also a frequent means of rap, with new senses being created in consecutive verses through the different syllable separation. Such rhymes are also characteristic of the works of Günter Nehm, a poet and a playwright of the 20th century. Let’s look at an example:

Evil thieves steal goods.
Evil were the misconduct.
The above example by Günter Nehm illustrates the principle of the rhyme style. Here, the syllable be of the nouns thieves was removed and placed before the following word, whereby new words emerge, which also purposefully refer to the previous one. Let us look at another example:

Old bucket, showing fidelity,
old Reimer shows repentance!
This example also comes from Nehms. In this case, the displacement of individual letters produces not only two but four new words, which in the second verse completely change the meaning. However, the reference to the first line – as in the previous example – was less clear and successful. The basic principle, however, is evident in every case.

Short overview: The most important overview
The Zwillingsreim describes a rhyming form. Here, word sequences are rhymed with one another, which have exactly the same character material, which is arranged identically. However, the syllables are separated differently, creating other words.
The rhyme form is often found with humorous poetry and usually produces a pointed effect. It also resembles the shaking rhyme as well as the anagram, and is a frequent stylistic device in the rap, and is usually applied during the spit.

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