Tonguebreakers are termed word sequences whose pronunciation is difficult and presents a challenge even for native speakers. In most cases this is a sequence of similar words, but they differ in certain syllables and are designed to make the speaker promise. Tongue breakers are often based on the same sound, alliteration or the combination of unusual words. Tongue breakers are generally called for amusement, but can also serve as an articulation exercise for moderators and professional speakers, or be used in spokespersons (see children’s rhymes).

The term “tongue breaker” is due to the fact that the one who tries to speak of such a tongue breaks the tongue metaphorically, and consequently, in a transposed sense, will have considerable difficulties in articulation. These linguistic difficulties are usually used for amusement.

In some cases, however, it is not just a matter of overcoming speech-language obstacles, but of provoking the expression of certain words or sequences of words. For example, the tongue breaker “thick dense spruce thickets grow thick dense.” Is pointed out that in some cases the verb fucking is said to be inadvertently expressed, which is a vulgar expression for the exercise of sexual intercourse.

Tongue breaker (list)
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Tongue breaker with A
Eight old ants ate pineapples in the evening.
Allergic Algerian, Algerian allergy sufferers.
All painting eels basking with sunbathers in the sun.
When the rattlesnake sounded rattling, the rattlesnake sounded louder.
When the soldiers had their pay, they stumbled over soldiers who had their colt, soon had also the pay, which the soldiers had their pay, of course not wanted.
A Mamaladenammala hamma indeed a ana dahamm, aba a Rhabarbamamalaad hammafa
Fränkisch: “Although we have a jam jar at home, but rhubarb jam we have no”
At the tenth tenth of October ten ten tame goats pulled ten pence of sugar to the Zurich Zoo.
Anna was eating pineapples in the evening.
Anna’s whale was eating ananassalat on the sand beach.
A oagn’em grasgre agschdrichenes Gardedörle.
Schwäbisch: “An unpleasant green grassed garden door.”
On the seven seal cliffs are seated seven seaboots, which stick into the ribs until they tilt off the cliffs.

Tongue breaker with B
Baker brown bakes brown pretzels. Brown pretzels baker brown.
In the old rag of sheds where the lobes of the lobes tilt and stripe for a few sealshells pretty rag dolls, until whole lap-ribs with the ribs of the seals around the pretty dolls kloppen you should never stop the sled.
Biberacher beer brewers brew brown Biberacher Bockbier. Malicious Bachus brothers sometimes assert that Biberach beer soon gets drunk! Biederbierrinker: before evidence bring better brewing Biberacher beer brewers consistently brown buckwheat!
Beer brewer farmer brown beer, brown beer brewer beer brewer farmer.
Bismarck bit Mark until Mark Bismarck bit.
Blue kiwifruit remains blue kiwi and bridal gown remains bridal gown.
Brown blue wedding dress.
Braunschweiger Bierbrauerburschen brew brave brown-brown brown beer.
Brush brush bristles with black bristles brush better than brush bristles brush with white bristles.
Tongue breaker with D
Remember never to have thought, because the thought of thoughts is thoughtless thought! Never think, because if you think you think, then you think only you think, thought you never have!
The lieutenant of the people, did not tell his men to ring until the lieutenant of people ordered his people to ring.
The butcher makes the butcher’s knife with the butcher Wetzstein. With butcher Wetzstein the butcher beats his butcher knife.
D’Aget hangs when it’s dawning.
Swabian: “The Agates erect a fence in the early morning.”
Dismantling singing has ping aan de Zäng, drömschlächschäng daeming Zäng uss sing Klötsch singing Häng.
Kölsch: “Katharina’s uncle has a toothache, so Johann is beating him from his mouth into his hands.”
Where had Hans had had, Wilhelm had had had had. Had had had a better effect on the teacher.
De thick Deern the thin Deern thorn thick dirt. The thin dears thanks the fat dears, the fat dears of thin deers, the thorns of the thorns.
Plattdeutsch: “The fat girl carried the thin girl through the thick dirt. The thin girl thanks the fat girl for carrying her through the thick muck. ”
Never think of thinking, for the thought of thought is thoughtless thinking. If you think you think, then you only think you think. Because you think you never do.
The Cottbus post coach cleans the Cottbus post box and the Potsdam post coach cleans the Potsdamer post box.

The thick roofer covered the thick roof. Then the fat roofer carried the fat lady through the thick dirt.
Then the fat lady thanked the thick roofer that the fat rocker was carrying the fat lady through the thick dirt.

The airfield took place on the airfield. The airfield took place at the airfield.
The Kaplan Klapp is planning a folding cardboard poster.
The chaplain sticks folding cardboard, the Kaplan sticks to the cardboard. The chattering chaplain clinkles the cardboard placards.
The waiter has b’steck z’spät.
Schwäbisch: “The waiter ordered the cutlery too late.”
The lieutenant of Leuthen ordered his men not to ring the bells of Leuthen until the lieutenant of Leuthen ordered his men to ring the bells of Leuthen.
The grumpy, grumbling, growling, rattling-back rattled carcass.
The Potsdamer Postkutscher is cleaning the Potsdamer Postkutschkasten.
The whiskey mixer Willi mixes whiskey in the whiskey glass, whiskey whiskey mixes whiskey whiskey.
Thick finches peck efficiently in dense spruce thickness. In the dense spruce thickets, thick finches peck.
Thick nieces seal in dense spruce thickness. Thick nieces are thick in the dense fir thicket.
This is a log. An oblique blade. A well-worn loop. It sends you Ms. Heißen from Meissen. Her husband is probably the most admirable Schleissscheitschleissmeister of Meissen. Before he enjoyed the breakfast, he had already torn several logs and closed them.
Three thick, dense poets form a divergent, dipolar drama in the dense thicket.
Three dripping sad bearers carried dripping troughs upstairs and stairs.
Brushes with black bristles brush better than brushes with white bristles.
The bark of the broad-leaved linden leaves easily. The bark of the broad-leaved linden leaves easily.
You like wax masks? Max makes wax masks.

Tongue breaker with
Real poets light more easily in light. Even naughty fencers do not fight midnight.
A diploma librarian is a librarian with diploma, a librarian with diploma is a diploma librarian.
A cock, two chickens, three ducks, four geese, five pigs, six cows, seven oxen, eight nuns, nine chubby, hunchbacked Bettelmannsweber, stayed at ten constantinopolitan bagpipe whistles.
A hectic Saxon wizard confused chop with six.
A very difficult phrase to speak quickly is a quick-talking phrase, even a fast-to-talk saying is called fast-talking.
A student in cuffed boots stumbled on the stone and died.
A student in cuffed boots stood on a pointed stone, staring for hours at the silent, silent stars.
A tourist is a tourist when he is on a tour and eats in a tour.
A car came to Gossensass, and drove through a saucepan, so that the whole gas stream poured over the inmates.
A hat, a double-fed fox-spiked hat, sends you Mr. Brand from Kant, and lets you know that he is the real, best double-fed fox-maceman from Kant.
Donkeys do not eat nettles, nettles do not eat donkeys.
There are so many days in Johr, wia dr Fuchs’s tail has Hohr.
Literally: “There are not as many days a year as the fox has its tail hair.”
There came a boat from Laufenburg, laden with deer, with cherry marshes, green crispy grass, and the king of Moravia came to ask whether there were cherry marshes, deer, crispy grasses.
There were two hissing snakes between two pointed stones, hissing between them.
It leads Gletzle lead at Blaibäura, also at Blaibäura lead ä Gletzle lead.
Swabian: “There is a block of lead equal to the blue, and a block of lead in the blue.”
The thick pines in the dense fir thicket are nodding. In the dense fir thicket the thick pines nod.
There are three riders riding around the Ararat.
There are seven seal seals on the seven seal cliffs, which stick into the ribs until they tilt off the cliffs.
A stag jumped across the stream and broke a broad brook poplar.
There was once a man who had three sons. One was Schackschafwerack, the other was Schackschawwerack, the third was Schackschawwerackschackommini. Now there was also a woman who had three daughters. One was Sipp, the other was Sippsiwwelipp, the third was Sippsiwwelippsippelimmini. And Schack took the Sipp, and Schackschawwerack took Sippsiwwelipp, and Schackschawwerackschackommini took Sippsiwwelippsippelimmini to wife.

Tongue breaker with F
Fischer’s fresh-cut fries eats friesian fresh-fried fresh-fish burgers.
Fischers Fries fished fresh fish. Fresh fish was fished by Fischer’s Fritze.
Fischer’s Fritz eats fresh chips / frits. Fresh chips / frits eats Fischers Fritz.
Flankkicker Flick kicks nimble flanks.
Flotter Vroni flew with joy from the frosty raft.
The fleet of nimble fur flickers patches nimble skins.
Frau von Hagen may I venture to ask you what collar you were wearing when you lay, sick in the stomach, in the hospital of Copenhagen, without complaints, without tinge, without saying a single word?
Early in the freshness, fishermen fish fresh fish in the Fischach.
Five piglets eat fresh feed.
Tongue breaker with G
Large crabs crawl in the basket. Large crayfish crawl in the basket.
Dust protection masksets are protection sets with dust protection masks.
Gudruns Truthuhn is doing well.
Good embers grill grilling good.
Tongue breaker with H

Hammers hammers? Hammers hammers.
Swabian: “Do we still have hammers? Yes, we still have hammers. ”
Hansen Hansenshans chopped wood. If Hansens Hannchen Hansen Hansens Hansholz could hear, Hansen Hans Hansen Hansens Hans Holz would help.
Hash dei Spätzles-Bscherck z’schpät bschtellt?
Swabian: “Have you ordered your Spätzle cutlery too late?”
He saw, she saw, so saw he, she was supposed to be jesaht, should et sin, dat she dat jesaht han?
Bunny Hoppel hops behind the chicken.
Herr von Hagen, may I venture to ask you what collar you were wearing when you were sick of the stomach in the capital Copenhagen?
Herr von Hagen from Remagen, may I dare to ask you how much collar with comfort, without grief, worn you in the days when they lay, their bodies, sick in the stomach without complaints on the tramp in the hospital at Copenhagen?
Hinerse Hanerse Hasehaus hänget a hundred bunny house, a hundred bunny hängethaus, hinerse Hanerse Hasehaus.
Behind Hanses Hasehütte hon i hinat a hundred heuri Hase listen huaschte.
Literally: “Behind Hansens Hasenhütte I heard a hundred haired hares coughing tonight.”
Behind Hermann Hansen’s house a hundred men’s shirts are hanging out. Hundreds of men’s shirts hang out behind Hermann Hansen’s house.
Behind thick spruce thickets, thick finches peck.
Tongue breaker with I

I fish fresh fish fresher than the fisherman’s fish!
I know that the that contained the ß is now written with ss.
When the tearful tea had done the tea in the coffee-cup, Teetante’s paternal niece washed the tea from the coffee-cup into the tea-bag.
In the cellar, Konrad cools cabbages from Kassel.
In a dense fir thicket, thick spruce trees nods hard.
In Ulm, around Ulm and around Ulm.
Tongue breaker with J
Yes, then, say, Abbot aa, yes d’Abbot de mahn aa.
Hunter Jakob hunts a jaguar in Japan.
Suddenly slings and loops slip smoothly, rapidly disappearing, frightening snakes.
Young yodeling yodelling boy yodeling yodel yodel jokers.
Young yodeling yodelling boy yodeling yodel yodel jokers. Youngster yodel-jokers yodel young yodeling yodel boys.
Every butcher makes his butcher better.
Tongue breaker with K
Emperor Karl could not chew caraway seeds, why could not Emperor Karl chew caraway seeds because Emperor Karl could not chew caraway seeds, but he could cheat gum.
Cold rattlesnakes clattered until the bald flaps fell limp.
No chaplain sticks cardboard cards.
Klaus Knopf loves dumplings, dumplings, dumplings.
Small children can not chew cherry cores.
Small children can not cook coffee.
Small cats cats puke small puke.
Small children can not crack a cherry kernel.
Critical toads do not chew any concrete croquettes.
Koa kloas Child ko koan kloan Child koan kloan Kerschkern kloa kliam.
Köthen is where toads enter into the slaughtering mutt.
Kuane kluane Kourtchkinder know about kuane kluane Kotzenkeigl kuien.
Just as Kölner Kellner Kölsch can boast, only Kölner Kellner Kölsch kellnern!
Tongue breaker with L

Lieschen taught Lottchen to run, along the long Lindenallee, when Lottchen did not want to walk along the long Lindenallee, Lieschen Lottchen was standing along the long Lindenallee.
Ludwig Leckermann from Neck am Leck licks tasty lollies.
Lüthi’s Lüti lüüt lüüt lüüter than other Lüüti lüütet.
Schweizerdeutsch: “The bell of the Lüthi family rings louder than that of other people.”
Tongue breaker with M
Madame, sch nds s ned to the dandies, the sheds ned! There are sheds of sheds, sälli sheds!
Mowing Abyss Hay? Abbots never mow hay – Abbots mow grass!
Mowing Abyss Grass? Abbots do not mow a grass – Pray abbots!
Mariechen says to Mariechen, let me ma ‘smell Mariechen! Mariechen Mariechen smelled ma ‘.
Martha would sometimes like to make marble cake in the morning.
He’s called the mouse, is a caretaker, in the cellar he usually lives, and as it is said, he does!
Max Wachter makes eight wax masks, eight wax masks makes Max Wachter.
Max, if you like wax masks, then wax masks Max!
Meistermüller grinded me my flour. To-morrow my mother must have me.
Measurement change, wax mask, wax mask, measurement change (difficult is the fast repetition).
Butcher wags his butcher knife.
Mixed water fish hot mixed water fisherman because mixed water fish in mixed water fish mixed water fish.
With no bran and no germ, no small grain can germinate.
On Monday morning, mocking Moscow mokovs murdered miserable pugs, as they did not like the chubby Muscovites.
Morn muess i mis Muneli metzge with mim butcher (Schweizerdeutsch).
Mou kum rou un lou in Rollou rou.
Fränkisch: “Man come down and let the roller blind down.”
Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher.
Painter Malte painted a painter who painted Malte.
Tongue breaker with N
The neighbor’s dog is called Kunterbunt. Kunterbunt is called Nachbars Dog.
At night in the dense fir thicket, thick pines thickly nod.
Sewing hooks Nuns, nee hookers never sew. Nuns sew Kutten.
Opi Opium, Opium Opi converts.
Tongue breaker with O

But whether he came over Oberammergau or whether he came across Unterammergau or whether he does not come at all is not certain.
Tongue breaker with P
Peter packs picnic packages without a break.
Does the chaplain flip at the lid of the cap? Papperlapp! The Kaplan sticks foldable cardboard posters!
The plate stays flat.
Polish pollen polishers clean polish pollen on polish pollen polish.
Peter’s Pimmel pisses Prima, prima pisses Peter’s Pimmel.
Tongue breaker with R
Russian Russians slipping Russian slides Russian down.
Russian trolleys roll backwards in slippery cracks.
Tongue breaker with S
A soldier with blunt boots sat on a pointed stone, staring for hours at the still silent silent stars.
Ring Se ned to sellere Schell, seller Schell rings ned, ring Se sellell Schell, sell Schell rings.
Literally: Do not ring at this bell …
Snails are frightened when snails snail at snails, because, to the horror of many snails, snails do not taste.
Schneider’s scissors cuts sharply. Sharp cuts tailor’s scissors.
I speak fast-talking quickly.
Brush black bristle brushes better than brush white brushbrushes.
Black cats scratch with black paws.
Six Saxon drummers pay ten Czech mines.
Six Swiss swordsmen sweat sweat six Swiss swords.
Sixty Czech chief chemists chase chaste Chinese monks into shallow clearing ponds.
Rarely I eat vinegar. If I eat vinegar, I will vinegar only in the food.
Sensitive selection simulators even probe secondary-structured sonar selectors.
Seven snow schippers flip seven snowy piers.
It was the most pichy pond shell among all the pond mussels in the pond mussel.
You see this slop rag, with its flaccid flaps flapping.
Seven seabirds sit on the pointed rock cliffs that stick into the ribs until they tilt off the cliffs.
Wright ‘s in the form of Schitter’ s. There is a disturbance in the form of Scholz’s unturned form of the Tschesche. (Hessian)

Tongue breaker with T
Aunt Trude dances with Theo Tango, Twist and Tarantella.
Pasta hot pasta because pasta were pastry.
Deep in the dense spruce thicket, fast-chested finches pick.
Sad tiger toasts tomatoes.
Doing the night watchman. And when he has done enough, he reinstates his tutes in the tutorial.
A thousand drippy trot carriers carried dripping troughs upstairs and stairs.
Tongue breaker with U
Under thick spruce thick peck thick finches. Thick finches peckably under thick spruce thickness.
Tongue breaker with V
Spaniards spun spinning food with pointed spades. Spit spit spinning spinning spinning spices.
Violet stands her pretty nice. Pretty nice is her violet.
Tongue breaker with W
Wax Masks – Measuring Change
Because, because Weil is called Weil!
When the Bangkokers ping pong troubled the Bangkokers on their bench and watched as the Beijing ping pong pros poke the Bangkokers from the plate, then the Bangkoker boil.
When Danes stretch Danes, Danes stretch Danes.
If your dachshund says to my dachshund again dachshund, get your dachshund from my dachshund so a dachshund that your dachshund to meim Dachshund never more dachshund says.
When the Benz brakes, the Benz brake light burns.
If Germany’s deceiving German Germans deceive, Germany deceive Germans.
If you think you think, you only think you think, because the thought of thoughts is thoughtless thought.
If you say fool to me fool again fool, you fool, you’ll get fool of me fool who’ll fool you, fool you say fool to me fool head fool, you fool!
If you say Trottl to me Trottl Trottl, I’ll say Trottl to you Trottl so long Trottl, till you Trottl to me Trottl no more Trottl say, you Trottl!
If you like wax masks, Max makes wax masks.
If your dicker says to our fat dicker again, our dicker will say to your dicker as long as dicker, until your dicker does not say to our fat dick.
When fly flies fly, fly flies fly after.

When yawning Danes stretch yawning Danes, yawning Danes stretch yawning Danes to yawn.
When even grilling grilling grilling grilling, grilling grilling grilling grilling grilling even.
When grilling barbecue grilling, grilling grilling grilling.
When flies fly behind flies, fly flies fly after.
When flying flies fly flying, flying flies fly flying flies behind.
When questioning questions ask questioning questions, ask questioning questions ask questions.
When Greek Greeks creep, Greek Greeks creep.
If behind seal seal seals, seal seal seals.
When rollers roll behind rollers, rollers roll down.
When rolling wheels roll behind rolling wheels, rolling rolls roll rolling behind.
When Indians are educating Indians in the Indian School, Indians train in Indian School Indians.
When Lutz sucks a lollipop, the Lutz sucks the lollipop.
If many a man knew what many a man was, many a man sometimes gave more honor. But because many a man does not know who is a man, for many a man sometimes forgets.
When men load behind the chocolate shop, Laddaecks invite them to coffee.
When seal cloppers seal seals, seal seal loops seal up above.
When rollercoasters are loading behind the chocolate shop, store girls invite them to dance.
If Rumkugeln rumkugeln around Rumkugeln, then rumkugeln around Rumkugeln Rum.
If rumkugelnden Rumkugeln round rumkugelnden Rumkugeln rumkugeln rumkugelnden Rumkugeln rumkugelnde Rumkugeln rum rum.

When snails snail on other snails, snails are frightened because snails do not taste other snails.
When Turks Turks are turks, Turkish Turks Turks.
When rolling rolls roll rolls, rolling rolls roll
If Werner were to wank less, Werner’s tiny “Willi” would probably be less sore, and Werner’s voluptuous wife Wilma would probably wash less white clothes.
When destroyed destroyers destroy destroyed destroyers, destroyed destroyers destroy destroyed destroyers.
Anyone who bakes a bratwurst has probably a bratwurstbratgerät.
Anyone who is immune to a minimum of aluminum has the minimum aluminum immunity.
Who cares the rattling carpet of rattles through the creaking carpet?
Who measures crap, crap.
Who knows nothing and knows that he knows nothing knows more than the one who knows nothing and does not know that he knows nothing.
Whoever will not become a landlord, a landlord who will be nothing.
Whiskey mixer Willi mixes whiskey in a whiskey mixer.
How much wood chops wood chopper Hack when wood chopper chops wood? Wood chopper Hack hacks a hundred hectares of wood when wood chopper helps Hickholzhackerhack when chopping wood.
Willy Millowitsch mixes whiskey, whiskey mixes Willy Millowitsch.
We Wiener Waschweber would wash white laundry if we knew where soft, warm water would be.
We want Wulle because Wulle really works well. We want bees because Wulle really knows what we want! (Note: Wulle is a former brewery)
Do you know why Horst Horst? As Horst hoards Horst, Horst Horst knows. (Bavarian)

Tongue breaker with Z
Z Brugg, under de Brugg, is situated in a rough area. (Schweizererisch)
Z Züri uf de red Brugg has been empty and empty, and the empty Röörli is empty. (Swiss)
Ten tame goats pulled ten hundredweight sugar to the Zwickau train.
Ten Zigeina ziagn ten zementsackln to the Zwetschnbam zan fence back.
To joke, Schuster’s treasure protects shabby schills in the barn.
Twenty swiftly doubting Swiss welders forced twenty-two heavy pigs into the train.
Twenty crushed plums and twenty crushed plums are forty crushed plums.
Twenty dwarfs show handstand, ten in the closet, ten on the sand beach.
Two Swiss welding sweat.
Two dwarfs aim with the tongues on tame goats with ten boys.
Twenty-two tame dwarf goats squeezed themselves through two splintered zoo-buckets. The dwarf goat breeders were desperate.
Between two pointed stones sat two hissing hissing snakes and hissing.
Between two twigs twitch two sisters.
Two chirping swallows are sitting between two plum branches.

Short overview: The most important thing about the Zungerbrecher at a glance
Tongue breakers are termed word sequences, their correct aarticulation is difficult and even a mother tongue is a challenge. In most cases this is a sequence of similar words, but they differ in certain syllables and are designed to make the speaker promise.
In this case, syllables are combined that rarely follow one another and are therefore unusual to the speaker, and words often end with a vowel or with a diphthong, whereupon the next word also begins with a vowel or a diphthong, which causes difficulties in pronunciation (cf. Hiatus). Frequently alliterations as well as shaking rhizomes are also found (see Reimarten). However, the pronouncement of the tongue breaker is sometimes difficult, because it often has to be repeated.

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