The novel The Great Gatsby

The novel The Great Gatsby is a story that takes place in the 1920s. The story tells about Nick Carraway moving to New York and the actions that take place during his time in New York. The two main characters of the story are Nick Carraway who moved to New York and the other main character is Jay Gatsby who is Nicks new neboir and a very rich man who always has parties. The main conflict in the story is Gatsbys long lost love who is Nicks cousin, Daisy, reunite and her husband finds out about the affair .

The story starts out with Nick moving to New York and then going to inner at his Cousins he meets Jordan Baker who he begins a relationship with. At the dinner party they make planes to go to Toms, Nicks cousins husband, run down apartment he uses for his affair. Myrtle the girl Tom is having a affair with taunts him about his wife and Tom brakes her nose. As the summer continues Nick is invited to one of Gatsbys parties. When he gets there he sees Jordan they talk and then meet Gatsby for the first time he is surprisingly young he talks to Jordan privately about Daisy Gatsby becomes in love with Daisy again.

He tells Nick to have a dinner party and invite him and Daisy but not tell Daisy about him being their. This works and Gatsby and Daisy start to see each other again. Tom figures out that his wife is cheating on him with Gatsby. He is very mad even though he himself is involved in an affair. Tom confronts Gatsby and Daisy about the affair and at a hotel Tom tells Daisy that Gatsby is a crook and got all his money from bootlegging alcohol and other illegal activity. Nick and Jordan leave with Tom and latter found out about Gatsby and Daisy driving their car into and killing Myrtle, Gastbys adulteress.

The Driver was Daisy but Gatsby took the blame. Tom told Myrtles husband George and George though Gatsby was having an affair with his wife so he shoots and kills Gatsby in his pool. Then George kills himself. Nick has a small funeral for Gatsby then moves back to the Midwest. From this whole experience he comes to the conclusion that Gatsby dream represents the American dream and is at an end. Nick and Gatsby are similar characters but Gatsby has more money and is less happy then Nick who is poor but happier. They do many things the same with similar personalities but Nick has learned to accept what life gives him and Gatsby did not accept it and would cheat lie and kill to get what he wants.

Nick and Gatsby have similar traits they show throughout the novel. In the beginning of the book one learns that they both travel long distances for the time period. Gatsby lived in Louisville and moves to New York and Nick moves from Minnesota to New York. They both have the personality trait of loneliness they show by the need of a relationship and they live alone. Kindness is another trait they both show in the story at different places they put other people in front of them.

Such as when Gatsby takes the blame for killing Myrtle putting his own life at risk. Nick shows kindness when he has a party for Gatsby to reunite Gatsby and Daisy. These are all examples of similarities both have. Even though they both show similar traits they have many more differences. Such as Money Gatsby has a lot and Nick has a little. Another difference is they difference of lifestyles Gatsby has a wild secrete lifestyle that was never boring. Nicks lifestyle was plain and risk free. Honesty is another difference in Nicks and Gatsbys traits.

Gatsby is not honest and breaks the law uch as committing adultery while Nick abides by the law. The difference between them is because Gatsby can not handle not getting his way the differences are because he lies and cheats. Nick can handle reality and not have to kill or cheat his way to false happiness like Gatsby does. Thus They have almost the same character traits but Gatsby is a lier cheater and lazy and can not face reality. The main theme in this story is that the true American dream is coming to an end. This book symbolizes that the American dream has become curupt to greed and the decline of moral value.

Each Character represented a different social trend each ending in a different way. The story says how the American dream went from hard working Americans looking for a good life and it has become laziness and a search of easy money. The tittle of this novel is the name of the mysterious main character who you learn more about as the story goes on. He is the character who represents the social trend of being lazy and cheating to live in luxury while having no moral value. The tittle helps explain the theme of the story by naming the novel about the corrupt character.