Spoon language

A spoon language is a secret or spoken language. The spoon language is based on the exchange of the vowels of a word by fixed abbreviations, whereby the consonants of the word remain untouched. In order to decode the language, to learn or to speak, the abbreviated abbreviations must be known. Furthermore, the spoon language is also sometimes very difficult to understand for the initiate because it is spoken silently, thus ignoring the word boundaries. The play language is therefore incomprehensible for outsiders and sounds like gibberish or jargon. (→ online translator for spoon language).

It is unclear where the term actually comes from. However, he expresses very loudly what the language of the game is. It is based on a rather high density of the letter l, since vowels and diphthongs are replaced by a combination of the original letter and a l. Let us look at an example that illustrates the principle.

The reshaping of the example in spoon language
The above example is the transfer of the sentence This is spoon language in ebendiese secret language. The vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and the umlauts (ä, ö, ü) were transformed. Since the initial set does not contain diphthongs, these could be neglected in the diagram above.

Learn spoon language
This game language is easy to learn, even if a little practice is required to speak fluently. However, it can also be difficult to understand a very fast speaker, since the individual word boundaries are no longer visible and understandable.

Basically it is about inserting the syllable lew after each vowel (a, e, i, o, u), diphthong (au, ie, ei etc.) or umlaut (ä, ö, ü) and then the vowel, diphthong or Use umlaut again. For example, the noun Uhu becomes ulewu-h-ulewu. The vowel u was replaced by ulewu, whereas the consonant, that is, the h, remained untouched. From car, for example, would become aulewau-t-olewo.

The spoon language is usually syllable for syllable, whereas practiced speakers can, of course, quickly connect it. Above all, one’s own language is crucial. For example, the car, which became aulewautolewo at Löfflisch, is spoken as follows: au | le | wau to | le | Where.

The most important point is, however, when we learn this game language, a constant practice. The more often the unfamiliar sounds are formed, the easier it is to think about it later. In addition, the whole thing becomes all the more incomprehensible, the faster is spoken. The following is an example, which is read by a practiced spokeswoman. She reads the story From the Little Mole […].

Short overview: The most important thing about the secret language at a glance
The spoon language is a game or secret language, which is particularly popular with children. It is based on the exchange of vowels, diphthongs and umlauts by fixed sequences of letters. For foreigners the language sounds incomprehensible.
There are different expressions of this language. In principle, a self-definition is replaced by self-definition + lew + Selbstlaut, whereby a variant with lef or lof is also known. Other combinations are, of course, also conceivable.
On our site we offer a generator for spoon language. This makes it possible to convert any character string online into the spoken language.
Note: In addition to the spoon language, other languages ​​are also common. The chicken language or the robbery language from the children’s book “Kalle Blomquist” by the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002) are well-known.


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