Pornography, An Issue That Has Two Points Of View

Pornography is an issue that has two points of view. Adults suffer consequences because of younger audiences, and this isnt their fault but they still go by it. There are many restrictions with pornographic content like changing time slots on T. V. or having to place a credit card number over the net, which isnt always safe. News stands and bookstores ask for proof of age. Then there is the point of view, which is that a lot of pornography is being shown to younger audiences that shouldnt be observing.

Many shows have explicit content that are shown at regular time slots. The Internet is a huge net full of websites and there are many sites that without charge offer pictures and/or videos to download. The purchase of porno magazines is easily achievable by simply sending in a subscription card. Pornography is shown to many people regardless of their age. Shouldnt that be restricted? Is it fair to adults that pornography is being censored and that any means of getting any pornography is being monitored? Most of the pornography is censored on T. V. and the shows that may contain explicit material are moved to later time slots therefore not permitting many adults to watch them.

Many adults have to wake up early so these late shows dont really work. It has never been an issue to ban shows that contain explicit material because it might have a strong impact on the weak minded. Like Jeffrey J. Douglass stated “As a nation we long ago rejected the notion that materials should be banned based upon the impact such matter might have upon the most vulnerable or easily influenced or traumatized. Douglass. 134).

It isnt fair to the mature adult who wishes to watch a TV. show or movie that contains such materials that are unsuitable to a young viewer and it is shut off or only attainable on high-priced extra channels. It is of the parents duty to monitor what his/her child watches on TV. Pornography is not free on the Internet. One has to pay before entering the site. Almost every pornographic site has an initial page that states that the viewer is of age and then proceeds to ask for a credit card number.

These sites have monthly fees that one must pay to continue to view them. Also it isnt right to censor Internet pornography because any young kid can have access to such sites. Like Andrew OHehir author of “Indecent Exposure” says “Todays moral crusaders cant stop techno savvy young people from exploring every spidery corner of the web any more than the worried parents of yesteryear could stop kids from listening to the Big Bopper and hiding skin mags under the mattress. ” (OHehir, 137) taken from the magazine Spin.

So no matter how many websites one shuts down kids can still get pornographic material. Porno magazines are sold only to over 18 years of age adults. Bookstores and street vendors arent permitted to sell or admit younger audiences into their stores. Like Mitzi Brown of the national law center for children and families in Fairfax says, “It is illegal to allow minors into an adults bookstore” (Brown. 126). There are large fines if not imprisonment if these laws arent followed.

These magazines arent very cheap either; magazines start at about $5 to $20, prices that a minor should not be able to afford. Young audiences shouldnt have too much money in their hand or not able to spend money and if they do have enough money that they should be supervised. If a kid has enough money and isnt supervised he/she might purchase anything. That includes the purchase of movies, magazines, or any kind of memorabilia that is pornographic oriented. If the government starts taking away this mature adult privilege then it is taking away from them what is most important.

Like Jeffrey J. Douglas agrees when he says “For Government to engage in censorship practices is violative of the most basic element of the first amendment. ” (Douglas. 134). That would be taking their freedom of speech. Is pornography being censored to children that are not of age? No. Kids today can access many Internet sites where pornographic content is shown; also kids have TVs in their rooms, which makes it easier for them to access such materials. Then there is the issue of the magazine subscriptions.

Many shows on T. V. contain material not appropriate for young kids and are shown during the day. Although it is said that it is taking away peoples right to see pornographic shows on TV. It is more immoral to allow a kid to view these programs that could traumatize a young inexperienced young viewer. Many Americans and the U. S. government feel that explicit material is constitutionally protected speech therefore to some extent protecting what is shown. Like Frank Morriss says in his article from “The Wanderer”.

He agrees that this is hurtful to the younger viewers. “The logic that views so little as a spanking as child abuse, but defends the “right” to direct obscene or indecent materials at children” (Morriss. 114). It is an offence to hit a kid but it is perfectly fine to provide young viewers explicit material. On the Internet there are thousands of sites that are free or that show certain pictures not suitable for the younger audience. Kids are able to download pornographic videos from certain websites without showing proof of I. D. or having to pay.

Young viewers are able to go to a local library and have access to millions of free sites where the access to pornographic related subjects is very possible and very easy. “Over the last few years, however, more than 40 percent of the nations libraries have each paid at least $3000 to buy computerized portal into the Internet. ” (Munro. 125) says Neil Munro author of the article from “The Weekly Standard”. With libraries that hold all this information and have provide them to anybody including any minor; our young kids are exposed to many indecent exposures.

It is a federal crime to display obscene materials to children. ” (Munro. 127). This is true and it is punished to the fullest, but then it is known that anybody including a young adult can fill out a subscription card that can be found on any magazine that is related to pornography and send it. No one will ask for proof of age and the magazines will arrive in 3-5 weeks. There should be a way to only sell such magazines in bookstores or magazine stands so that when the situation arises that someone whom isnt of age attempts to purchase a pornographic magazine he/she isnt able too.

Mailing in a subscription is very easy and one saves the trouble of embarrassment but this makes it easy for a minor to purchase explicit magazines. In Conclusion the government allows a lot of material to be viewed by anyone that is very explicit. Whether its online, over the old T. V. , or as simple as purchasing magazines. It is possible to any one no matter age to get anything that may contain explicit scenes. If censorship gets stricter and shuts down some of the web sites that make it really easy to get a hold of pornographic pictures or videos, this is a start to preventing young viewers to be exposed to pornographic scenes.

Enforcing laws as to whom enters adult stores or who buys adult magazines would help tremendously. Placing shows that contain scenes not appropriate for kids in later slots is a good start but the fact of the matter is that many kids stay up and watch them still. By editing or simply placing such shows in special channels that one must pay extra to get and is warned of the contents it might have is the best follow through to the prevention of young children to get hold of materials yet not suitable for them.

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