Plural etantum, also a plural word, is used to denote nouns, which are used exclusively in the plural, that is, in the plural. The counterpart is the Singularetantum. This describes words, which exist exclusively in the singular, thus in the singular. The plural plural is, however, a pluralitarian or plural plural, although this form is far less frequently found in the literature. There are also words that are almost common in the plural, but in some regions know a singular, but it is hardly used elsewhere.

The term is derived from the Latin words pluralis, which is related to the plural and tantum, which means only. In fact, the translation of the word already points to what is at stake: namely, words which are only plural. Let’s look at a sample list:

List of examples of the plural etantum
General Pluraliatum
(Miseries), Pugs (female breast), Muckis, Piepen (money), Schmackes (lashes), Tiden, Debris there are Trumm), circumcision, expenses, cheating (stupidity)
Examples of pluralism in food
potatoes (potatoes, squid, potatoes, etc.), tripe, mouse, mixed pickles, pasta are often pluralistic: limes, dices, fettuccine, macaroni, tortilla, spaghetti
Pluraliatum for the designation of time sections
Roman calendar system or Roman festivals: Iden, Kalenden, Nonen, Saturnalia, Terminalien; Holidays, also in connections: summer holidays, factory holidays, etc .; years: years of development, men’s years; Millions of years; hours: business hours; -weeks: honeymoon; -days: Dog Days
Examples of regular loan words from Latin
Alcoholics, Assets, Annals, Dissidia, Diversa, Holidays, Fressalia, Funeralia, Imponderabilien, Copialia, Minuzien, Music, Naturalia, Passiva, Pastoralia, Personalia ( Personalities), valuables (treasures), specialties (specialties), sponsorships, trivia, varia, vegetables (food)
Examples of further borrowed pluralism
Alimony, Amouren, Basic Needs, Cornflakes, Data, Diets, Drums, Effects, Ephemera, Finance, Fisimatenten, Flipflops, Frutti di Mare, Kinkerlitzchen, Knickerbocker, Manners, memoirs, monetics, news, sheet music (recorded music),
Papers (documents), Public Relations, Shorts, Barriers, Fees, Standing Ovations, Separation points, Tropics
Examples of Composite Pluraliatantum
-work, -expenditure, -looks, -conditions, -beins, -indoluments, -dates, -einnahmen, -garments, -fittings, -farben, -gebühren, -geld, -gewohnheiten, -gründe , forces, resources, rights, matters, difficulties, games, boots, jets, strings, parts, drops, exercises, conditions, conditions, losses, ways, tools, ripples, interest, tacks
Short overview: The most important part of the term at a glance
The plural ettantum denotes a noun which is customary only in the plural. There are sometimes exceptions, but the most widespread use of the word is the plural. (Ex: one speaks of rubble, even if there is the singular trump in the south.)

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