Midget Village Essay

One Saturday night, I left the house to go to a friend’s house, and the last words that came out of my parent’s mouth was to be careful. That statement went in one ear and out the other. People never think that anything would ever happen to them because they take their safety for granted. I told them that I am always careful and I’ll be home soon, so I left. I started up my car and fished around in my back seat for my CD case so I wouldn’t be bored for the twenty-minute ride to my destination. I was driving my Ford Probe that I had just bought two weeks ago.

I was feeling like a million dollars in my new car, even though it was a used, it was new to me. I was driving the speed limit and sometimes I was driving slower than it was because I wanted people to see me in it. Since I was doing that, the ride was taking more time than I expected and I knew my friends were waiting for me. Singing to my favorite CD in the car got me a bit thirsty, so I stopped at the seven-eleven to buy a slurpee. I parked the car and went in. I greeted the people working at the cash register and went into the back of the store and proceeded to get my slurpee.

I happened to glance over my shoulder and I saw that the people working in the store were following me around the store as if I was going to steal something. This got me frustrated and mad because that is racial profiling and I don’t like to be judged by the color of my skin. I confronted the employee and asked him flat out, why he was following me around. He told me that people like me come in there all the time and steal. I asked him what he meant by “people like me? ” He didn’t respond, and I got even more frustrated. I put the slurpee in his hands and walked out of the store.

I will not buy things from a store that has those kinds of views about minority races. I could have acted like I was one of those people who he was talking about by cussing at him and making a scene, but I just left and held everything in. I got back into my car and at this point I was mad and ready to get to my friend’s house, because I wasn’t going to let this ruin my night. I still didn’t solve my problem because I was still thirsty. I went across the street to the Mobil station and purchased gas and a drink, then I was on my way. I finally got to my friend’s house thirty minutes from the time I left my house.

I pulled up and there they were, about six people standing outside the house, and I didn’t know all these people were going to be there. I got out the car and fixed the cuffs around my shoes and continued to the front door. “Where have you been? ” was the first question that came out of everybody’s mouth. I didn’t respond because I didn’t care if I took a long time to get there or not, it didn’t matter to me. They weren’t doing anything important anyway, as usual. I wanted to go inside and use the bathroom and told them to think of something we could do by the time I got back.

I went into the house and spoke to my friend’s mother and asked her if it was ok if I used the bathroom. “Of course” she told me, so I went and did my business and came back outside. They still didn’t know what they wanted to do. Well they had an idea but they didn’t think I would want to do it. They told me the idea, and they were right, I didn’t want to do it. The idea was to go to Midget Village, which was about twenty minutes away. I rejected the idea at first because I have heard stories about the village and I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it.

Midget Village (Midget Vil’) is a secluded neighborhood for little people. Kids go there and drive around inside it, even though it has a no trespassing sign posted in front of the. The stories that I have heard include getting shot at, dogs chasing people, and car chases. From hearing these stories, I didn’t really want to go, but somehow, I was convinced. All six people piled into my car and we were on our way. “Take a right, take a right! ” this is what I was hearing when we arrived at Midget Vil’, contemplating which way to go first. Midget Vil’ has an entrance which leads to a fork in the road.

It doesn’t matter which way we go because it is a full circle and leads back to the same entrance. We decided to go right first. We went pass the no trespassing sign and through the open gate, and we were in. Driving along, we were laughing at the little houses that the little people lived in. The houses are roughly around ten to fifteen feet tall with two stories. That’s what made it so funny because the houses were so small. Driving on the little dirt road, we came across a minivan that was blocking the road. I shined my bright lights on it to make sure the whole road was blocked.

All of a sudden, a little person pops his head up in the back seat! We all yelled and I turned around really quick and drove recklessly back to the entrance because I didn’t want to be caught. We got back to the entrance, which is the fork in the road, and everyone wasn’t ready to go yet; they all wanted to go to the left now. I made the left turn and we went up the other side of the fork in the road. Driving along carefully and slowly on the gravel one way road, we continued to laugh at the little houses. Two minutes probably passed when we came to a bend in the road, I took it slowly.

After I got around the corner, all I saw were bright lights! It was the minivan that we saw earlier blocking the road, and it was speeding right toward us! Everyone in the car was yelling and screaming because it was really scary to look at a speeding car coming straight for your car. I had to back up and turn around as quickly as I could. I put the car into reverse and backed the car right into a tree and my bumper fell off! I forgot the road was so small. At that point, I didn’t know my whole bumper was hanging off and only being held up by one screw.

When we raced down the road and got back to the entrance, the gate was closed! Everyone was still screaming and yelling, but now they were doing it even louder. I told the person in the front to get out and unlock the gate. He got out and so did everyone else and they start running down the road yelling and screaming. At that time, getting out of the car was a bad idea because the little people let their dogs out. My friend finally got the gate unlocked and I went through. I raced out of Midget Vil’ and picked the people up who decided to get out and run.

We all piled in and we just sat in the car laughing about the situation. Looking in my rear view mirror, I saw car lights coming out of the entrance. They were coming to get us! I started the car up, and of course, everyone in the car was yelling again. I stomped on the gas and got back onto the main road. The car was still behind us chasing us! I turned into a neighborhood and I proceeded to lose him by taking too many turns too fast. I then got back onto the main road and I saw a seven-eleven, so we pulled in. Everyone got out and that is when I saw my bumper.

I saw my bumper and I started yelling and screaming because I knew my parents would kill me. I turned around while I was throwing my fit and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the car that was chasing us pulling into the seven-eleven! He pulled in and we figured that we weren’t going to run because there were seven of us and only one of him. He drove right by us and was looking at us and then he drove away. We were thinking, what was the point of that? Well, later on I figured that he was taking down my license plate number, but it didn’t matter because no police pulled me over or called my house.

My dilemma was my bumper was still hanging off my car, and I couldn’t drive with it dragging on the car. We asked a guy in a pickup truck if he had rope. He had some and I tried to fix my bumper so I could drive home. The bumper finally got fixed by using some rope and duck tape to hold it up temporarily until I reached back home. I dropped people off and I was on my way home. I didn’t know what I was going to tell my parents. I made up a story about how I was parked outside my friend’s house, and when I came back out, my bumper was off and the car that was parked behind me was gone.

They bought it and they still don’t know the truth until this day and my bumper hasn’t been fixed until this day either. I doubt that my friend’s have learned anything from this adventure, because they are hard headed and they wanted to do it all over the next day. I though, have learned two valuable lessons from this episode. Never let people influence thought and ideas that are not right moral value. Never lie to parents, adults, or to peers. Lying is the easy way out, because if the person was bold enough to do it, then they are bold enough for the consequences of their actions.

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