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A rhyme type and a special form of the Binnenreim are designated as the middle rhymes. In the middle rhyme, two words converge, which are in the following verses. It is important that the words that result in the binding are not at the beginning or end, but rather in the middle of the respective lines. Very similar forms are the middle rhymes and the rhyme rhyme.

The internal rhyme was mainly found in the literature of baroque and also in middle-high German poetry, and of course also for all special forms of the rhyme style, and therefore also for the middle rhyme, which signifies a reimbursement in the interior of two successive verses. Let’s look at an example.

I am the father of my daughter
and have a hangover. All fine!
In the example above, the father and the cat are rhyming. Both are in the midst of a rhythmic series and not at the beginning or at the end of the lines. This binding is an alternative to the final rhyming, as it is in the typical rhyme rhymes, and of course rhythmizes a text quite differently.

Greetings, dear Peter, what does it look like?
will we meet later and go out?
Also in this example, we can make the middle rhyme. Here the words Peter and later, which are in the middle of the two lines. If, however, one of the two words were to be sent, we would have to call it a midsized rhyme and not a middle rhyme (danger of confusion).

Brief overview: meaning, effect and function
The middle rhyme is a special form of the internal rhyme and has a rhyming bond, which extends over two verses. Here, words which are in the mind are rhymed with one another.
A medium rhyme is a common alternative to typical end rhyming, and can thus be surprising to the reader, since the text is rhythmized differently. This rhyming form can be almost impulsive, since the rhyme pair finds a correspondence before sending.

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