Lord of the Flies

In Hebrew the word Beelzebub means a Philistine god, literally, lord of the flies. Beelzebub means the prince of devils in Latin and that relates to the story very well. It seems as if in Lord Of The Flies that there is some kind of evil spirit capturing the boys and the island. As the boys grow more and more into savages there are things they do that would be very uncharacteristic actions of young boys.

One example of there evil actions is when they put the boars head on the stick. Although they claim to be leaving it there for the beast the torture of sticking a head on a stick would be unbearable. The head on the stick symbolizes the succession of the boys losing their sanity and their civilized ways of the past. The boys were hungry and that is understandable, but the way they turned the killing of the pig into a game was unacceptable.

When they left the pigs head on the end of the stick it gave the reader a chill, and foreshadowed that things on the island were going to be somewhat of a bit different for now on. The game of killing the pig, torturing the pig, and crying out a spine chilling chant (Kill the pig! Cut her throat! Spill her blood! ) were all symbols of the British boys losing touch with reality, giving up on the hope of being rescued, and worst of all, the transformation of innocent boys into killers.

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