A form of the gloss is called interlinearglosses. The gloss is a journalistic text, a Spanish poem, and the explanation of an incomprehensible term. Such an explanation was written either as a marginal note beside the respective text (marginal gloss), as a congruence in the work itself or as an interlinear gap between the lines, which is very conducive to the reading flow in the case of brief explanations.

The term is composed of the three Latin words inter (between), lineas (lines) glossa (tongue, language). As a result, the translation of the word already points to the fundamental point: namely, the language that stands between the lines of a text [and provides an explanation / translation for individual words which are incomprehensible]. Let’s look at a simple example: Example of an interlineargloss

The above example illustrates the basic principle: the explanation of the word, which is sometimes incomprehensible to the reader, is explained immediately below – mostly in a smaller font. However, the symbols which point to this are deviating. Either the word stands directly under the respective foreign word and is also adapted to its width, or it is indicated by markers for which word the respective explanation now applies. An increase is the interlinearversion.

In such an interlinear version, also interlinear translation, a text word for word is translated between the lines. These interlinear translations are often found today in song books. The individual lyrics are reproduced under the original language in other languages.

Short overview: The most important part of the term at a glance
As an interlineargloss the explanation of a concept is sometimes referred to, partly also, about it. The explanation is then – usually in a smaller font – between the lines.
Similar forms are the congruence, the explanation being given in the text, the glare, with the explanations or notes scribed with the pen in the parchment, and the marginal gloss, in which the comment is written to the margin.

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