The description of the subject is one of the first exercises for the pupils in dealing with the language of the scriptures and often meets us in the German classes of elementary school.

In this case, accuracy is of particular importance, since the description of the object should not only be precise, but also be designed in such a way that the described object can not be confused and, if possible, be recognized under several of the same type.

For example, if we assume that there are twenty jackets given by friendly citizens in a fund office, the description of our jacket must, of course, exclude all other jackets and apply only to one.

Therefore it is important to describe the object not only accurately and precisely, but as detailed as possible. In doing so, we should address all possible problems in order to distinguish our subject from all others.
Write an article description
If we now want to write an article description, there are some things to consider. We have decided to present the individual hints and suggestions for a simple list form.

The description of the subject is usually from the general to the particular. We begin with the typical characteristics of our object (type, color, size) and then describe the details (scratches, stickers, damages).
Typically, we begin to classify the object at a time, so that the future reader immediately knows what to imagine. So, what is the object we describe?
Now we describe the object with its details, characteristics and details. In doing so, make sure that you go from the important and of course the noticeable to the unimportant and less noticeable. So we make sure that the main features arrive at the reader! The same is true of the description of a fictional character (→ characterization).
Furthermore, it is useful to keep a logical order for the object description. Either we describe the object from left to right, from top to bottom, or from outside to inside.
In addition, descriptions of objects are always written in the present (present), using technical terms to describe the object as accurately as possible.
In addition, the text is written in a matter-of-fact way, such as a content specification (→ write content), and is, of course, free of personal evaluation.
Adjectives are very helpful in such a description. Anyone who finds the correct and descriptive words here can only describe the object precisely and precisely.

Possible details for the subject description

The size and weight of the object, as well as color and material. Does the object scratch, sticker or is damaged? Is the object still new or has already been on the hump for several years? What are the possible details?


Example of an object description
Now we would like to illustrate what has been written with an example. For this purpose an ordinary cup for the description of the article is to be kept and we hope that you have an approximate picture of our coffee cup.

The cup consists of ceramic and is about 10 cm high and 6 cm wide, the drinking opening is not round, but oval. The cup has a large handle decorated with green snake lines. These serpent lines travel from the handle around the white cup, forming helical patterns.

On the upper edge of the drinking opening is a little paint chipped off. However, not on the mouth but opposite the handle, whereby a small crack pulls from top to down. This, however, is not visible from the inside and can only be seen externally.

On the bottom of the cup is a sticker, which shows a yellow star. Formerly, this should hide the price of the cup and is only visible when the cup is raised.

Possible exercises for the subject description
Finally, we would like to introduce you to some exercises on the topic, which are suitable for teaching or as a small warm-up exercise.

1. Object description
On the way out of the swimming pool you lost your backpack and do not know exactly where. So you call at the swimming pool and ask if your backpack was handed over there. Describe this as precisely as possible.
2. Task for describing the object
You lost your wallet in the dressing room after the lessons. write an item description of your wallet for the school’s bulletin board.
3. Task for describing the object
You have participated in an exciting world record. However, you forgot your Federtasche in the record attempt. Describe in detail the characteristics and characteristics of your Federtasche.
“Student knit for world record” (Source: Online edition of the Central Bavarian newspaper, access 31.08.2013)

The primary school looked red – and that in the truest sense of the word. In cooperation with the parents’ council and the Pettendorfer Seniorenforum the children exchanged pens and notebooks for knitting and crochet needles and red wool for a morning. The unaccustomed employment for most of the students was part of a world record attempt. With their handwork, they supported the Regensburg action alliance against AIDS (RAgA), whose declared goal is to create the world’s largest AIDS loop and thus to make an entry into the Guinness Book of Records.

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