Gazette is an old term for the newspaper. Nowadays, the term is used mostly ironically, partly also derogatory, and is therefore regarded as archaism. The one who wrote for a gazette was called a Gazetier. Nevertheless, there are also modern publications, usually daily newspapers bearing the noun in the title, such as The Gazette, a political culture magazine, or the Gazet van Antwerp, a Belgian daily newspaper.

The term is derived from an Italian leaflet from the 16th century, which was distributed under the title Gazetta di Venezia. The Gazetta di Venezia, which appeared for the first time in 1536, contained brief political news. The leaf was sold for a gazeta, from which the name derives. The Gazeta, a 2-Soldi piece, was the smallest coin in the then Republic of Venice. From this the French term gazette was derived, from which the German noun was borrowed.

Consequently, this original leaflet is responsible for the widespread designation of Gazette. In addition, the term was also anchored by a winged word of Friedrich the Great in the general language, which should have once formulated: Gazettes need not be gented.

In addition, the term is also still used in other languages. In addition to a newspaper, which appears periodically (see Bulletin), the term is also used for official announcements, which is usual in the English-speaking world.

Publications, which are called gazette
List of different publications bearing the word in the title
Gazet van Antwerpen, a Belgian daily newspaper
The Gazette, a magazine about politics and culture
Gazeta Łódzka, Newspaper in Lodz (Poland)
Gazeta Lubuska, a regional newspaper in Poland
Gazzetta Ufficiale, Official Gazette of the Republic of Italy
Gazeta Wyborcza, regional daily newspaper (Poland)
Gazetta del Mercordì, the Romansh translation of the Montägliche Churer newspaper (1719-1777)
Gazetta ordinaria da Scuol, First Bulletin (c. 1700)
Gazette of the United States, an American newspaper (1789-1804)
Gazette consumption magazine, ad sheet in the southwest of Berlin
Gazette van Detroit, newspaper, which is sold and published in Detroit (USA)
Government Gazette, the organ for official pronouncements of the South African government
International Communication Gazette, trade journal
La Gazette, the first French newspaper (founded in Paris in 1631)
La Gazette de Berlin, the French-language newspaper from Berlin
The London Gazette, Official Gazette of the British Government
Pall Mall Gazette, London Evening (1865-1923)
Railway Gazette International, journal railway operator (founded 1905)
Royal Thai Government Gazette, the body for pronouncements of the Thai government
The Gazette, English-language daily newspaper from Montreal (founded in 1778)

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