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Gap text is a text in which individual letters, syllables, words, and complete word sequences have been omitted, creating gaps. These gaps must now be closed. This is usually referred to as a gaps test, also a gap test, in which the participants have to complete the missing parts. In this case, the text modules to be used can be predefined, but they must sometimes be opened up from the context (for example, the topic of the previous lesson). Completing such gaps requires a sufficient understanding of the language as well as an extensive knowledge of the vocabulary being requested.

Most of these exercises are taught in foreign languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, etc.) or in German lessons, in order to retrieve learned vocabulary and time forms or to correctly use individual words with respect to the case, number and genus. Comparative, superlative). The possibilities of use are therefore varied, whereby it is more a matter of querying a treated topic and less about learning a new content.

Gap text tests that are used to query can specify or omit the searched words. If the words are not given, they usually have to be accessed through the context of the test or have already been communicated in advance. Some tests call for a single solution, others ask for more connections, and then several solutions are possible. An example:

Example of a Gap text.
The above example illustrates the principle of such gaps. In this case, either flow texts or individual sentences are selected whose omissions have to be supplemented by the participant. The gaps are mostly represented by dashes, marked fields or dashed / dotted lines.

Either the searched words are above the gap text or are marked with several wrong words next to the corresponding gap. When completing such a test, it is helpful to delete already entered words in order to avoid duplication and incorrect entries. Solving by means of an exclusion method has also proven successful. This excludes gaps into which a word can not fit, since it would be incorrect in terms of content or grammatical, thus reducing the possibilities.

Short overview: The most important part of the term at a glance
Gap text is a text which has several gaps, ie, gaps. In most cases, such a text is used to check the learning progress of pupils. It is mainly used in foreign language teaching as well as in German language teaching.
The participant who fills a gap text test tries to supplement the missing words in the flow text or in individual sentences. These are either predefined and must be properly classified, are opened up from the context or communicated in advance.
Such texts are mainly used for the search for knowledge, not primarily for the learning of a subject, and are thus a form of performance control.
Note: If you want to create a gaps yourself, you can use numerous online generators. The corresponding gaps can be selected, subsequently modified and the final result presented online. An expression is usually also possible.


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