Fabeltiere und ihre Eigenschaften

The animals that appear in a fable are called fox animals. Such felted animals generally have a very one-dimensional character. This means that for the reader, the roll distribution and the properties of the fox animals are already clear in advance and how the animal will behave. A similar division is found in legends or fairy tales.

This gives us a certain expectation as to how the individual fables will behave or behave in the course of history, whereby the characters of the fable are clearly to be understood (→ features of a fable) and there is hardly any further explanation required by the narrator.

If, for example, the fox is introduced as a felted animal, it is obvious that this fox will act cunningly and cunningly. The mistrust of the reader is certainly given by the naming of the beast, and not by its more detailed description. Because we already know the properties!

Note: fleeces are quite simple knitted. As a rule, they represent exactly one property of the people, in order to be a synonym for ebendiese. Of course, some of the texts may differ in their respective properties, even if we frequently encounter the above-mentioned attributions in this form.

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