Eye Rhyme

The eye rhyme is a rhyme style. The rhyme rhymes rhymes of rhymes, which rhyme only in an ortograph, but are not exactly identical. This means that the sequence of the individual letters of the rhymes’ syllables is identical, but they are pronounced completely differently. For example, the noun track, if it is pronounced in English, forms an eye-rimmed with the last syllable of the German word rucksack. It is a special form of the impure rhyme.

Eye rhymes occur especially frequently when foreign-language words are mixed with the mother tongue and can not be identified for the reader if he does not know the correct pronunciation of the words. Reims’ syllables can then appear as pure rhymes for the reader, and the correct reading of the corresponding rhymes makes the loud difference audible. Another example:

That was a shame,
so there is not every day.
The words, which are rhymed here, are identical to the accentuated vowel, whereby rhymes are rhymed, but are pronounced differently. Days would make a pure rhyme with location, blamage rhymes on floor or rage. The combination is however rhymed only for the eye, but phonetically nonexistent: an eye-rimmed. A final example:

All I say today,
sounds like a gag to others.
In the example the verb sag ‘is rhymed to the noun Gag. Since the gag is derived from English, it is also pronounced in German, so gäck. Thus, both words form a sort of orthographic rhyme, since the crucial rhymes are identical, but differ in phonetic.

Short overview: The most important information about Reimart at a glance
The eye rhyme is a rhyme which works only on an orthographic plane, that is, it is perceived only through the eyes and not with the ears. The rhymes are not exactly the same, but they are written the same way.
Especially in rhymes with foreign words and in English lyric, the eye-rims are typical, since there are many words in English that are written in the same way, but are spoken differently (ex .: slaughter / laughter). In English it is referred to as eye-rhyme, visual rhyme or sight rhyme.

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