The double rhyme is a rhyme style. As the double rhymes, triple or even syllable end rhymes are designated with the following line. This means that in successive verses several syllables are rhymed, which form the end of the line. A special form of this type of rhyme is the shaking rhyme, in which the initial consonants of rhyming syllables of a rhyme pair are exchanged.

The double rhyme is thus based on the rhyme of two multi-syllable words, which sound almost the same and form the end of successive verses (sound ghost on Sangmeister). However, there are also numerous examples in the literature and rap or hiphop, in which the rhyme extends over several words.

I wear silk in my dream roll,
but life gave me only cotton
In the above example the words dream roll and cotton rhyme. The crucial point is that not only the endings rhyme, but all the syllables of the individual words. Tree rhymes on dream, roll on wool. Thus, in these verses, we have a three-syllable double rhyme.

Now the sea will no longer be bitter,
On silent and wild tide
You will be the blessedest knight.
These verses are taken from a stanza by Schulmeister Klopfstock by Clemens Brentano. Two things occur. On the one hand, it becomes clear that the double rhyme can only be used in the next verse, since it combines rhyme pairs and not necessarily following verses. In addition, two words are combined with two words, so it does not have to be just a rhyming word.

Special shape: shaking
The shake rhyme is a special form of the double rhine. In this case, not only the multi-syllable final rhythms are rhyming, but the initial consonants of the rhyming words are also interchanged. Let’s look at an example.

The rattlesnakes rattled,
until their rattling sounded limp.
The two lines meet the criteria of a double rhyme. So rattles rattling on loops and snakes sounded. The point is, however, that not only several syllables are rhyming, but also the initial consonants have been interchanged. The sch wandered from the first to the second rhyming word and the k from the second to the first. This replacement can have a humorous effect.

Brief overview: meaning, effect and function
The double rhyme is a three- or multi-syllable end-rhyme with the following line. But sometimes with a later one (see Brentano example). In most cases, the words that are rhyming contain at least two lifts, or two words that rhyme independently.
Since, as a rule, successive sequences are involved, the rhyme type is determined in principle by a pair of rhymes. This means that two consecutive verses are rhyming.
A special form of the double rhyme is the shaking rhyme. In this case, the initial consonants of the reim words are also interchanged. Especially as a shake rhyme the double rhyme can have a funny, surprising and humorous behavior.

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