Dirty joke

Zote is an indecent, humorous joke or a slippery, joking story that ends in a pointed way. The zote commonly violates good taste, often has a sexual content and is mostly in prose. Zoten is related to the joke, the joke, and the anecdote, even though they are fundamentally not reserved for any literary genre.

The term probably goes back to the French sottie, which can be translated with fool. Sottie is also the name for the fool. A further possibility proposed by the grammatical-critical dictionary of the High German dialect (1865) is the connection to villi, which describes a matted, clotted hairy dirt and dirt.

The two explanatory experiments, however, have something in common: they describe something unclean and dirty. Thus, both possibilities can describe the zote, which means a dirty joke or an unclean narrative. The word in this shrine was already documented since the 16th century and was already used as a plague in 1521 by the theologian Martin Luther.


Characteristics of teeth
Overview: The essential characteristics of the teeth
The zote is a concise, pointed and rough narrative. As a result, tongues are short prose and are often characterized by black humor. As a rule, the listener usually has a laugh in the throat. Their content is very often sexual in nature.
Zoten often use clichés or refer to social marginal groups or to taboo subjects. So blondes jokes, gay jokes, sex jokes, etc. can be counted among the zotes. Nevertheless, they should entertain the listener.
There are often questions and answers. The narrator asks something into the crowd, with the answer missing, whereupon he presents the point (Ex: What is blue and runs from room to room? “- Resolution in the examples.)
Sigmund Freud, an Austrian psychologist as well as a cultural theorist, described Zote in Der Joke and his relation to the unconscious (1905) as a shift. He said that the Zote serves to make the narrator shift his own desire or interest to the listener without fear of social sanctions.
Related forms: joke, black humor, sway, limerick, sottie, anecdote etc.

Zotige examples
Normally, the examples of word growth are simply included in the flow text, explaining the respective topic and explaining it. However, as zots are offensive, we would like to cite the examples separately and point out that we dissociate ourselves from the contents and do not recommend reading to minors unrestrictedly.

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