As a debut, the first appearance in a public or the first work (usually an artist), which is presented to the public, is described as the debut in theater, opera, ballet and film. The term is mainly used with regard to artists and actors, but can also be used in sport (first game in a new team). As a result, the first role an actor plays is described as a debut role and the artist as a debutant / debutant. A debutant is also a young woman, who is “introduced into society”.

The term is derived from the French début, which can be translated with the beginning. Thus the translation already refers to the actual meaning of the concept: namely, the beginning and thus the first time that a thing or a person is presented. The poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe used the concept of the debut roll and used the noun’s role in the progression.

Hans Mohwinkel made his debut in a nightclub as a hunter.
Hans Mohwinkel (1862 – 1922) was a German opera singer (baritone) and vocal pedagogue. In 1889 he was able to make his debut in the Regensburg Opera, because he was so skilled in self-study in singing and musicology. His career was the work of the huntsman in The Nightmare in Granada, an opera in two acts by Conradin Kreutzer, which arose in the summer of 1833.

Debut album (musician)
The term “album” refers to the composition of several pieces on a sound carrier (CD, cassette, record, etc.) in the music industry. Following the guidelines of the German music charts, such a record is only designated as an album if it contains at least five pieces. The first music album of a musician is called his debut album.

The most successful debut albums of artists include Whitney Houston, Whitney Houston, 13 million sold records, Britney Spears (Baby One More Time, 14 million sold recordings) and Lady Gaga (The Fame, 15 million sold recordings). The most successful debut of a group is the album Boston (1976) by the rock band of the same name, which sold over 17 million copies.

The following is the title Pokerface, which is contained on the successful debut album The Fame by Lady Gaga. This was extracted from the album and reached top placements in the worldwide charts.


Film Editing by
A debut film, also debut film, is the first film a director presents to the public. Such works are criticized critically at film festivals and are the first essential point in the work of a director and are usually honored with a sponsorship award.

Frequencies of the later direct work can often be seen in Erstlingswerken. For example, Blood Simple, a murderous night, laid the cornerstone of the later success of the Coen brothers and was widely praised by critics. The thriller is a tribute to the movie noir of the 1940s.

Quentin Tarantino’s first-fruits also bear his manuscript. So he already used in My Best Friend’s Birthday, his second film project, which has never been completed typical elements, which are known from his later work. This is evident in the design of the dialogues, but also through the use of quotations from other films, which is also characteristic today.

Debut of the debutant
As a debutant is a young woman, which is introduced into the society. This custom of bringing a woman into the company and thus introducing her to it comes from Great Britain. The daughters of the aristocracy (the rule of a small, mostly aristocratic group), who were 18 years old, were introduced to the king or the queen and were regarded as able to marry.

This ceremonial ceremony is usually celebrated on a debut ball. Today the ritual is also very popular in the USA and Australia. But also in Europe young women are partly introduced into the adult society in this way. One of the most famous and biggest debutantballs is the Vienna Opernball, which takes place annually in the Viennese Staatsoper.

Traditionally the debutists are dressed in white at such an event and are accompanied by a partner. The ball is mostly opened by the polonaise of the debutantes, which is followed by a waltz. The highlight is the so-called Cotillon, an alternating sequence of contrasts.


Short overview: The most important to the debut at a glance
A debut is usually the first appearance of an artist or the idea of ​​his first work. In the theater, however, the term can also mean the first appearance in a city that the actor has not yet recorded.
The first album of a musician is commonly referred to as a debut album, the first film of the director as a debut film. In many such debut pieces one can already guess the later work of the artist. These works are the beginning of the artistic oeuvre.
The tradition of the debutists comes from Great Britain. The term means women who are presented to the society and are therefore considered to be able to marry. This debut is usually celebrated on a debut ball. One of the biggest is the Viennese opera ball.

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