A coverstory, also cover story, is used in journalism, but also in journalism, to describe the contribution of a magazine (magazine, magazine), which is represented by the cover of the edition. Accordingly, this is a contribution which is particularly exposed and thus receives increased attention. As a rule, the coverstory has a larger scope, where there is no definition for a certain genre, which is why reports, reports, interviews and other journalistic text forms as well as photo series can be represented on the title page.

The noun is composed of English terms cover and story. The word cover can be translated with packaging and is used in German for the title page of a print medium, but also for the cover of books or other media. The term story can be translated as an event or narrative.

The Anglicism Coverstory therefore means an event which is represented in a print medium, and is also pictorially displayed on the title page of the respective printer.


License: Guy Sebastian on Cover of World Vision Magazine 2005, World Vision Australia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Goal of the Coverstory
In the case of public magazines and purchase magazines, which are mainly distributed via the trade, the title page strongly influences the purchase decision of the future reader. If the title page appeals to him, it is more likely that the customer will access the publication.

Consequently, of course, the coverstory also has an enormous impact on the purchasing decision of the reader. For new customers, this decision is mainly made by combining title page and coverstory. This is comparable with the external design of a product in the supermarket or the façade of a department store, which the customer or passer-by does not yet know.

As a result, there are numerous examples in the magazines, which are extremely obtrusive to the reader’s attention. In the boulevard press, for example, there are often placard headings, as well as shocking or provocative images, which are intended to attract attention and thereby encourage them to purchase.

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