Cognitive Dissonance Essay

Describing three recent events in which I have had cognitive dissonance is simple to describe. First I will define exactly what cognitive dissonance means. It is a state of unpleasant psychological tension that motivates us to reduce our cognitive inconsistencies by making our beliefs more consistent with one another. In simple terms it means stress of not knowing what to do. With that note I would like to describe my recent events dealing with inconsistencies in my normal thinking process.

My first event deals with attempting to get a job. In this area jobs are scarce and discovering a job available is rare but what if you were offered three jobs at one time and was indecisive in your final choice. Recently I was in this situation. Finding the effort for a job was stressful enough not to say being offered three at one given time. Then stress introduced me to three of his friends, which were the jobs themselves.

How was I to know which would be the best job, the promising job, and the most important issue of all income. Coming to my decision and solution of my dissonance I weighed all the factors, negative and positive, of the three jobs the one with the most advantages was my job choice. Concluding I had made the best choice for myself made me comfortable and my stress and dissonance level back to normal. My next stressful event was a major factor for the impact it would have on the rest of my life, college.

I am currently enrolled at Prestonsburg Community College but my degree is not offered here. My job preference and degree for the future is becoming an X-ray Technician. The colleges close to home that offer my degree are currently Hazard Community College, Morehead State University, and Lexington Community College. Figuring out what college is best for you and for your degree is very stressful concluding my cognitive dissonance is at a high rate.

To solve my stress and to plan the best future for myself I began to make plans. I paid visits to each college and subscribed information about the program, college, and miscellaneous issues. Reading all the information from each college, the location, and people there I am enrolling at Lexington Community College in the Fall Semester. Deciding on my future college plans left me at ease for my educational future. My third cognitive dissonance event is moving away from home. This stressful event is currently in effect.

Deciding plans to attend Lexington Community College results in me moving away from parents. At the age of nineteen I am really close to my parents and nervous about leaving home. It puts the stress issue currently in action at a tenaciously high rate. I worry about my parents getting sick or other natural problems that could occur. There is a point in time in every individual life to spread their wings and fly, be independent, be your own person, and in my life this time is approaching.

I know that the problems and issues that are a conflict to me at this time are situations that could happen even with me in my parents presence. I concluded that if I move away there is transportation and communication devices that will able me to stay in touch with my parents. After all I cant live with them forever. They have their own lives and I need to create mine. In all three of these situations I have experienced cognitive dissonance and solutions to all three events in the best knowledge possible to my individuality.

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