If you want to make a description of a person, a characterization or even a single profile, a figure will aptly describe. It is a good thing for the individual characters of the respective protagonist to be worked out in detail. However, when writing, one tends to keep repeating. In order to save you this time, we would like to offer you an overview of different character traits, so that writing is easier and the person can be described in many different ways.

Character characteristics with A
agile, agile, agile, accurate, ambitious, ambitious, ambitious, ambitious, ambitious, anarchy, ambitious, adulterous, adulterous, aggrieved, adulterous, adorable, ardent, arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, ardent, ascetic, athletic, attractive, impulsive, impulsive, pushy, twisted, upright, outspoken, out-of-the-way, out-of-the-way, balanced, ingenious, xenophobic, exploitable, self-sufficient, authentic, autonomous, authoritarian

Character characteristics with B
barmouth, baptism, baptism, baptism, barbaric, compassionate, thoughtful, menacing, oppressed, unaffected, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bestial, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, witty, grumpy, brutal
Character characteristics with C
chaotic, characterless, character, charismatic, charming, chauvinistic, chevaleresk, choleric, clever, courageous
Character characteristics with D
deprecated, diabolic, fat-skinned, fatheaded, diffuse, dictatorial, diplomatic, direct, discreet, discreet, distanced, distinguished, dignified, disciplined, disinterested, dogmatic, doctrinal, dominant, goofy, urgent, dramatic, dramatic, daredevil, dubious, dubious, dull,,,,,,,,, dynamic
Character characteristics with E
genuine, noble, efficient, effective, egoistic, egomaniac, egocentric, honorable, honorable, ambitious, honest, jealous, self- ,, eloquent, emotional, empathetic, sensitive, sensitive, sensitive, emotional, emotional, emotional, eccentric, impulsive, energetic, energetic, energetic, energetic, enthusiastic, determined, determined, relaxed, pathetic, relentless, experienced, inventive, success-oriented, expectant, exalted, experimenting, extravagant, extrovert (extravert t), eccentric

Character characteristics with F
facetable, professional, fair, false, family, family, conscious, unimaginative, imaginative, imaginative, fantastic, fatalistic, lazy, faulty,,,,,,, diligent, flexible, nimble, obedient, challenging, forsch, fotogen, fragile, freaky, freeskiing, fresh, frivolous, cheerful, joyful, joyful, religious, frosty, docile, caring, fearless, frightened, furious
Character characteristics with G
gently, gallily, nostalgic, hospitable, commanding, educated, dignified, thoughtful, dignified, patient, dangerous, compliant, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, jovial, clever, jovial, sociable, sociable, sociable, communicative, health conscious, dignified, impulsive, impulsive, faithful, indifferent, indifferent, happy, merciless, paternal, gifted, godful, horrible, grumpy, cruel, grim, gross, coarse, megalomaniac, generous, generous, generous, magnanimous, g grumpy, generous, pondering, thorough, kind, good-hearted, kind-hearted, good-natured
Character characteristics with H
giddy, fierce, heroic, harsh, hectic, heroic, heroic, impotent, uninhibited, derogatory, ,,,,,,, hypocritical, hypocritical, hypocritical, arrogant, arrogant, hypocritical, hypocritical, helpless, helpful, homely, humorous, humorous, hungry, pretty, hyperactive, hypercorrected, hypochondriac, hysterical
Character characteristics with I
self-interested, idealistic, imaginative, idiotic, ignorant, impulsive, impulsive, fervent, individualistic, infam, infantil, ironic, irrational
Character characteristics with J
jovial, jovial, youthful, virgin
Character characteristics with K
childish childish childlike childish childish childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood childhood close- ,,,,,,,,,,, communicative,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, coherent, cordial, cordial, corrupt, cosmopolitan, costly, powerful, powerful, sick, scratchy, creative, creepy, belligerent, criminal, critical, critical, cool, bold, artistic, artificial, kulant, cultivated, mate, curiosity
Character characteristics with L

lazy, lazy, lazy, lambs, lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, lousy, loud, lively, life-longing, moody, lively, lifey, lively, quiet, powerful, powerful, ready to learn, lethargic, affable, liberal, loving, loving, loving, loving, loveless, left, lisanne, easy, solution-oriented, loyal, lusty, lustless, lustful
Character characteristics with M
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, miserable, militant, miserable, misanthropic, misbehave, dispirited, suspicious, compassionate, compassionate, pitiless, pitiless, communicative, trendy, sophisticated, moral, motivational, tired, grumpy, maternal, musical, brave
Character characteristics with N
pensive, nervous, nervous, nice, curious, neurotic, neutral, depressed, lowly, cute, nihilistic, niveaulos, natural, nonchalant, normal, horny, sober
Character characteristics with O
superficially, objectively, openly, frankly, offensively, opportunistically, optimistically, orderlyly, ordinarily, properly, ordinarily, without orientation
Character characteristics with P
paranoid, passive, patent, paternalistic, patriotic, patriarchal, pedantic, pejorative, penetrating, pencil, perfect, perfectionist, perverse, pessimistic, poetic, polarizing, political, positive, positive, precise, pragmatic, principled, problem-conscious, productive, profiling, progressive, proly, promiscuous, prophetic, protective, provocative, prudish, psychotic, punctual, cute
Character characteristics with Q
tormenting, qualified, transcendent, quivering, quick-lived, lively
Character characteristics with R
racism revenge ruthless rational reckless ruthless rough reactionary reaction quick ruthless rough reactionary reaction quick realistic rebellious rebellious revenge revenge ripe reusable, seductive, charming, sexy, religious, renitent, reserved, resigned
Character characteristics with S
sloppy, sarcastic, sarcastic, sarcastic, sardonic, sardonic, sarcastic, sullen, shameful, shoddy, sloppy, sly, sloppy, sloppy, masculine, selfish, self-assured, self-assured, selfless, self-confident, self-assured, self-assured, self-confident, self- sensual, sensual, sentimental, serious, sensual, sensual, skeptical, unscrupulous, bizarre, smart, solidarial, solid, sunny, careful, careless, careful, sovereign, social, socialcompetent, frugal, pithy, spiritual, tacitious, mocking, spontaneous, athletic, linguistic egos, bubbling, brittle, brittle, stable, prickly, firm, strong, stiff, stubborn, stubborn, stereotypical, struggled, severe, strict, stormy, dull, stubborn, stubborn, subjectively, subtle, seeking, addictive, addicted

Character characteristics with T
taffy, tactical, tactful, tactful, tactful, active, tatlos, team able, spirited, temperamental, profound, tierlieb, foolish, tolerant, fierce foolhardy, tough, sluggish, dreary, transparent, faithful, tactful, powerful, tyrannical
Character characteristics with U
prudent, unpredictable, indescribable, indecisible, unflinching, ungrateful, undisciplined, impenetrable, ungrateful, undisciplined, impenetrable, opaque, indifferent, inscrutable, disregarded, unhappy, unhappy, unhappy, unjust, unhappy, unsympathetic, uncommon, unruly, unrestrained, uninhibited, unsophisticated, uninhibited, disinterested, unconventional, unconcentric, unhappy, unconventional, unconcentrated, inhuman, unyielding, unapproachable, untidy, impartial, unproblematic, unpicturable, unrealistic, unreflective, restless, unachievable, inconspicuous, invisible, unstable et, entertaining, enterprising, enterprising, supporting, submissive, submissive, unfaithful, outrageous, untamed, dissatisfied, unreliable
Character characteristics with V
paternal, contemptuous, annoyed, responsible, irresponsible, responsible, obliging, impassioned, embittered, bored, criminal, devouring, seductive, ,,,,,,,, confused, puzzled, despairing, desperate, confused, confused, crazy, diverse, complex, versatile, vital, forward-looking, biased, prosaic, distinguished, careful,
Character characteristics with W
deceptive, daredevil, daredevil, daredevil, daredevil, daredevil, daredevil, daredevil, daredeer, daredevil, daredevil, contradictory, resistant, wild, willful, willful, willful, willing, arbitrary, inquisitive, knowledgeable, witty, well-mannered, benevolent, benevolent, wortkarg, dignity, dignified, wondful
Character characteristics with Z
tenderness, zesty, tender, delicate, delicate, delicate, fierce, zesty, fragile, destructive, distracted, bitchy, purposeful, compulsive, attentive, reserved, reliable, confident, cautious, compulsive, dubious, disengaged, dodgy, compelling
Character characteristics with Ä, Ö, Ü
frightened, overwhelming, overwhelming, overwhelming, overwhelming, overwhelming, overwhelming, overwhelming, overwhelming
About this overview: This list of character traits is most likely not complete and is therefore constantly updated by us. Furthermore, doubles can naturally sneak in, or individual character properties in the list be forgotten. If you have a note to the overview, miss a character property or a specific adjective, we are glad about a message of yours.

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