Beat rhyme

The rhyme rhyme is a rhyme type and a special form of the interior rhine. A rhyme between two words or syllables, which are immediately successive and also within a line of verse, is designated as the beat rhyme. In the narrower sense, however, the percussion rhyme means only rhymes between two or more metric lifts, which are immediately adjacent to each other (compare verse).

Particularly widespread was the baroque and middle-high German poetry and is thus characteristic of the Minnesang or the Master’s Song (→ Literaturepochen). As described, the term is used to mean a rhyme between successive words. If there is a striking line between the sending and the following verse beginning, it is called a passing rhyme or initiates the echorece.

It is as if there were a thousand bars
and behind a thousand bars no world.
The above example is taken from the first stanza by Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem The Panther. In doing so, the words rhymes and rhymes, which immediately follow one another and thus form a completely classical percussion. The immediate repetition has a rhythmic effect and sounds propulsive.

To the effect: It is not necessarily purposeful to describe the effect of a rhyme. Nevertheless, the percussion rhyme can be impulsive, and if it loosens a uniform rhyme scheme, it is surprising, rhythmic, and, consequently, animating in a certain way.

Special forms of percussive rhine
The overflowing rhyme can be regarded as a special form of the rhizome, and is therefore also a form of the rhizome. In this case, the immediately successive words are not in a line of verse. One is the sending and the other is the first in the following verse. Let’s look at an example.

I said to Peter:
Later you will understand.
echo rhyme
Various phenomena are described as Echoreim. Here, let us concentrate on one thing: a single word, which rhymes with the previous verse. Frequently, the echorece appears in humorous lyricism and answers to a question from the previous verse. Let’s look at an example.

Who is swimming through the Amazon?
Brief overview: meaning, effect and function
In the narrower sense, a percussion rhyme is only possible between two or more contiguous elevations. In general, however, the concept of the term is described between two words which follow one another within a line of verse.
Special forms of the rhyme are the overflowing rhyme and a form of echoreim. Both of these special forms have an identical structure: the dispatch to the subsequent verse beginning rhymes. Echoreim often gives an answer to a previous question.
The beat rhyme can have a pre-drifting effect and can loosen up a rhyme scheme, since an unexpected looping occurs in one line. However, it is not always a good idea to functionalize a rhyme or to attribute an effect to it.

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